The Luke Joyce Pro Football Academy is a coaching Academy, led by current professional footballer Luke Joyce, currently of Port Vale FC.

The main LJPFA ethos is to run our coaching alongside players grassroots clubs and professional academies. Within our professional learning environment, we provide high quality coaching sessions, designed to supplement current training schedules, which will help develop and progress players, both as individuals and also within a team unit.

“I believe with all my playing experience, of over 550 professional first team games, coupled with my coaching qualifications, I can really help our players across all aspects of the game, ranging from technical, tactical, physical and psychological.”

The LJPFA has played fixtures against, and built up strong links with, local professional clubs.

Our sessions are carefully planned and designed to encourage players of all ability to learn, develop, progress and ultimately enjoy.

The practices we design and carry out are based around IN POSSESSION, OUT OF POSSESSION & TRANSITIONS.
They are: –
REPETITIVE – giving players the opportunity to practice
REALISTIC – match like scenarios and intensity
RELEVANT – to the age, ability and needs of the players.

All our sessions involve decision-making opportunities for all players and teams.

Effort and intention is encouraged and praised


As well as our coaching sessions, we will provide opportunities for players to play fixtures versus professional, semi-professional, independent academy’s and high-ability grassroots clubs; we believe these fixtures play an important role in the players development, as it gives them the opportunity to put into practice the things they have learnt, whilst competing against a high-level opponent, which provides a great learning experience.

These fixtures help the coaching team to get a real understanding of the players in a competitive match, which we can then use to design our sessions to best help with a players progression.

The matches we have played against Professional Clubs has resulted in some of our existing players joining their Academies/Development Centres – this presents even greater exposure and opportunities for LJPFA members.


  • Have you previously been signed at a Professional club?
  • Have you had trials at a Professional club, but not signed?
  • Have you attended a Professional club’s development centre?
  • Are you a Grassroots player, with aspirations of progressing to a Professional Academy?
  • Are you a Grassroots player, who would like additional training to aid your development and progression?
  • Are you a Professional Academy player, who would like additional training?

Contact Us

If you have a question, please get in touch. One of our team will get back to you within two working days.