1-2-1 Sessions

Following an initial discussion with the player/parents, our coaches will design a bespoke session working on specified areas of their game. These sessions are much more than the coach instructing the player – at LJPFA we encourage our players to think for themselves, and problem solve, in order to replicate the thought process in a competitive football environment. A 1-2-1 involves greater interaction between the player and the coach, which allows them to work in a lot more detail and challenge the players technical, tactical, physical and mental understanding of the game.

Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions are a fantastic opportunity for like-minded players to train together in a competitive and challenging environment, and are a great way for friends or team-mates to train with each other within a professionally planned session. Training within a group setting allows the session content and experience to reflect match like situations, which promotes a variety of decision making scenarios, whilst improving the technical, physical and mental understanding of the game. Sessions can be tailored to the groups specific needs and would ideally suit a ready-made group of players.

Club Sessions

Bring LJPFA’s professional coaching to your team or club; these sessions are a brilliant opportunity for your players to take part in a challenging environment whilst hearing different voices with new ideas. We work with teams of all ages and ability levels, and the sessions will be tailored accordingly to meet the specific needs of the players taking part. Practices can be planned around a wide range of focus areas, ranging from improving ball mastery and technique to working with the team in attacking and defending scenarios.