Under 12s – Foundation Phase

At LJPFA, our Coaching within the Foundation Phase mirrors the FA and England DNA model; we take a holistic approach – focusing on the social, psychological, physical and tactical aspects as well as a player’s technical skills. We recognise our players are only young once, so fully understand the importance of them receiving the best level of coaching from the very start.

LJPFA offers professionally planned coaching, designed to encourage and develop our younger players: –

  • Using both right and left feet in all aspects of technical play
  • Ball mastery, manipulation, turns and skills.
  • Encouraging our players to be comfortable in possession at all times
  • Developing tactical knowledge within a match situation
  • Educating the players in their overall game understanding – movement, awareness and positioning.
  • Allowing our players the opportunity to be creative and express themselves without worrying about mistakes.
  • Actively encourage a positive mindset with all our players.
  • Goalkeeper specific sessions led by ex-professional Goalkeeper.
  • Strength & Conditioning students to work with our players to develop their agility, balance, coordination and speed.
  • Nutritionist students to work with parents/players regarding diet and nutrition.
  • Creating a welcoming and professional environment for all ability levels to progress and develop
  • Coaching and personal advice from a current professional footballer
  • Potential opportunities to play in fixtures versus professional, semi-professional, private academies and high level grassroots clubs.

“One of Luke Joyce Pro Football Academy's main aims is to develop its players as people – skills that can be transferred from the football pitch to everday life.”

Our Values


Treating yourself, team-mates and coaches as you would like to be treated yourself.


Always willing to work hard and apply yourself, to understand that success doesn’t come straight away, and it isn’t achieved easily.


Football is a team game and, as in life, you will have to communicate, problem solve and work within a group to achieve a common goal.


Is key in any learning environment; we ensure the coaching sessions and environment we create is one the players enjoy and look forward to.


We want all our players to have ambitions to improve and progress. Children/footballers with the right mindset, playing in a professional and structured environment, can only develop in a positive way and work towards their ambitions.

Contact Us

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